Using Social Media to Tell Your Story


So…what’s your story?

Who doesn’t love a great story? Storytelling has been a part of our lives since the evolution of man. Drawings on cave walls depicting the hunt. Moving through time to become verbal stories handed down from generation to generation. Scary stories around the campfire. Igniting your imagination with colorful, visual images that evoke all kinds of emotions. Joy, triumph, sadness, fear. Have you told your story?

Social media is the perfect platform to tell the story of your life and the story of your business. People want to know the story behind everything...

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Nailing Your Online Presence Workshop

Join me along with a great group of experts as we help you Nail Your Online Presence on October 11th in Parsippany NJ! From SEO expert Bill Treloar of Rank Magic, website expert Valerie Paik from TAG Online, content creation expert Sue Toth of Editing and More by Sue and myself as the social media expert, we will walk you through the importance of all aspects of your business’ online presence.

We are also proud to have Walt Blau from Generic Brand Human as our moderator for our panel discussion. Register today to reserve your spot and get all your questions answered!

For more information and to register click here:

Event location: Ashland Studios, Parsippany, NJ



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Google Revolutionizes Adwords – Businesses Need To Know This!

I am very pleased to have Dan Rudy of Leading Edge Digital as a guest blogger this month. His extensive knowledge of Google and SEO are so valuable. I am lucky to consider him a great business acquaintance and friend.

In case you missed it, May 24th 2016 was an historic day in Google’s history, when they introduced the biggest changes in adwords since the founding of the company. 

Adwords is the sponsored (paid) section of the Google search engine, which along with the organic (unpaid) and the local map section (unpaid) sections, forms the results when you search for a term on  Adwords also includes their YouTube video network as well as the Google Display Network (GDN) – display banner ads...

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Social Media Intensive Workshop for Business Owners

overwhelmme 2015a

Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with social media?   Wondering if you are taking the right steps with your social media marketing for your business? Is your business located in Morris County, Warren County or Sussex County?

Please join me for my next Social Media Intensive!

In this four hour, hands-on workshop, we will dive deep into each platform and discuss how to effectively use each platform to market your business. The best part is that it is hands-on so you can work on your profiles and presence right away!

We will cover:

  • Proper page and profile setup and security
  • Platform best practices
  • Tips and tricks for posting and engagement
  • Getting your social media questions answered…and so much more!

For the best experience please bring your laptop!

Seating is limited so register today...

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Summer Lovin’ and Your Social Media

summer lovin

Summer is here! The days get longer, people slow down, vacation time is approaching and we want to share it all with our friends and family on social media. Why not make the most of your social media this summer and get yourself and your family involved in some fun challenges.

If your kids are glued to their phones and tablets all day every day then why not spark their imagination and creativity? Here are a couple of fun ways to challenge yourself and your family to take a look around and notice the great things our world has to offer. Smart phone technology now makes it easy to take great pictures so there is no additional costs involved...

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The New Facebook Emojis and What They Can Mean for Your Business Page

FB emoticons

Towards the end of February, Facebook rolled out their new buttons, called Reactions. Now instead of just the “like” button you have the choice of six different reactions: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. Some people will complain that all they really wanted was a Dislike button but I can totally understand that Facebook wants to keep things geared more towards the positive side of life.

Now that we have been able to use these Reactions for a while now, on desktop, tablet and smart phones, it is nice to see that someone loves what your post or feels just as sad or angry as you do. On the business side of things, Reactions have become very important to your social media marketing analytics. Are you paying attention to what your following is reacting too?

Facebook business or fan p...

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The Five Most Dangerous Apps That Your Children May Be Using


Children today want a cell phone and a tablet. As a parent you feel obliged to get them one. How are they going to keep up with their friends? They insist that “all of their friends have one!” How can you use yours if your kids are on them all the time? So we give in. We give them the phones and the tablets and now they spend their entire days on these devices. Do you check what your kids are doing on these devices? Do you monitor who they are talking to and what apps they are using?

You should.

Stuff  happens all the time on the internet, social media and apps , and it is not all fun and games. There is bullying. There is sexting. There are predators disguised as cute boys or girls. You need to take charge and know what your kids are doing on their phones...

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What Happens When we Don’t LOVE our Connections Anymore?

Computer key - Unfriend

Since February is the month of  LOVE  we are going to touch on what happens when our connections on social media are not what we want anymore.  How do we master the “break-up” without hurting someone’s feelings or just looking like a nasty person? There is that fine line we have to walk in order to maintain civil relationships and not start any online drama.  Here are my suggestions for some of the most popular social media platforms.


To maintain a high quality network you should only be connected with people that you know, who are trusted professionals. These are the people you would refer to others if anyone asked for an introduction or they were looking for a person in that field of expertise...

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Handy Image Size Guide for All Your Social Media

The other day I shared this information with my following on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Everyone found it so very useful that I wanted to share it with you too.  Thank you to Constant Contact for creating this.

Be sure to change your cover images often so your pages look fresh!  Happy Creating!

social media size guide

Would you like to hear more from me? Be sure to follow me on all my social media sites!

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8 Social Media Resolutions You Should Stick to in 2016

new years resolutions

Happy New Year to you!!

As we begin our journey in 2016 it is very obvious that social media will play a big part. Keeping connected with friends and family, gathering information on news and events as well as following and engaging with you favorite brands, businesses and celebrities.

Whether you are a resolutions kind of person or not, I have come up with  some social media resolutions I think we all should keep this year.

  • Make an annual habit of checking your privacy and security settings on all of the social media sites you use. Things change and they may need updating.
  • Change your passwords. Constantly changing your passwords helps keep hackers at bay.
  • Update your profile picture and/or cover photo for all your personal social media profiles...
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