Are You Tickling Their Funny Bone?

Using Humor in Your Social Media

Social Media has become a huge part of most businesses marketing strategy.  It allows you to get out in front of people you would not normally have access to in the day to day running of your business.  It also allows you to keep in touch with your current customers and clients, keeping you and your business front of mind.

Don't promote like a used car salesman

Don’t promote like a used car salesman

The hard part about social media is not to be constantly selling to your followers.  Like the proverbial used car salesman, do you like to be constantly told to “buy my product”, “hire me!” or “you can’t live without this!”?  I am sure the answer is no...

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Hands On Social Media Workshop in Sparta NJ

Social Media 2015 Workshop

Social Media 2015 Workshop

Hurry before this workshop is sold out!  January 22, 2015 in Sparta, NJ

Have you heard about all the changes that have been made to Facebook?  Do you know how to adjust your marketing effort to get maximum results? 

This hands-on seminar will walk you through the best practices of promoting your business using Face book, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and more.  Bring your laptop or tablet and we can work on your social media presence and get all your questions answered!  

I am lucky to be working in collaboration with Donna Miller and her great staff at C3 Workplace!  They have two locations.  One in Montclair NJ and the other in Sparta NJ!  Check out their website at

If you live in Northern NJ and want to join us please...

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It’s Summer!! WHAT? All you are doing is working?

Come on.  I am sure that you are spending a day or two at the beach or maybe going on a fantastic vacation.  Why not let your fans know?

Come on! It's Summer!

Come on! It’s Summer!

It is greatly appreciated when you give great advice or inform your followers on all your social media platforms about changes, viruses, upgrades and the like but they also want to know about YOU!  Who are you?  Why should we like you?  What makes you special, different, funny, smart?  Let your followers in on who you are as well as what you do for your business.  Connecting with people is all about building relationships and you can’t build relationships without putting yourself out there.  Come on!  Show us the fun side of you!  What do you love?  Give everyone pictures and great descriptive captions...

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Have you heard about Pinterest?

One of the fastest rising social media sites out there at the moment is Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pin board that lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pin boards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. Businesses are also finding Pinterest useful in getting their brand out there to the masses. Do you still have a scrap book with all your favorite things? Pictures cut out from magazines, quotes that you have read, design plans for your dream house? This is what Pinterest is but on your computer instead!

Let’s say you own a retail store, such as a boutique. You could create different boards with the items you sell in your store...

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What customers and clients are you missing if you are NOT using Social Media?

Using social media for your business should be one of your marketing strategies.  There are more people today on social media than there are watching television!  Imagine being able to reach out to these people and so they can see what you and your business are all about.

I originally started using Facebook when I owned an Amish Furniture / Antiques store.  It is very nerve wracking when you are sitting in an empty store waiting for customers to come in and buy something.  I was at their mercy, waiting on their timing and their agenda.  I first got started by creating a Facebook page.  I started connecting with my friends and family and had them all like our stores page and share it with their friends.  When our customers came in I always told them to check us out on Facebook...

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Are you using Instagram? What’s all the fuss?

Instagram is a free app that allows you to take pictures and share them with your friends.  Post them the way they are or customize them with filters to transform the look and feel.  You then can share them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr too.

Instagram was launch in October of 2010 in San Francisco California.  Its distinctive feature confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images.  You could originally download the app to your Apple iPhone or iPad but this past April 2012, they released an app for Android users.  As of April 2012 there are over 30 million accounts set up on Instagram.

What can you do with Instagram?  Down load the app on your smart phone and use the app to start taking pictures or video...

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Should I buy followers?

You are on Facebook or Twitter and come across a business fan page.  You stop and take a look.  The first thing you notice is that they have a huge number of followers.  Wow, this is great.  They must be fantastic!  Take a closer look.  All is not what it may appear.

It seems to be that the more followers you have the better a business is right?  Wrong!  The number of followers does NOT make the company the quality of followers does. You can have hundreds or thousands of followers but if they are not engaging with you it is almost like they are not there.

Some businesses feel that if they can make a good showing in the sheer number of followers than they are going to rule the social media scene. This is not true.  Search engine algorithms are now looking at engagement...

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Social Media Etiquette – Minding Your Manners

smedAs in everyday life there are ways to interact with people, behave in situations and, as our parents told us, to mind our manners.  This also applies when you use social media.  There are certain rules and etiquette to follow to maintain a solid social media presence.  Whether you just have a personal Facebook page or are posting on sites for your business, here are some rules to follow to make your social media use a pleasant one.

1:  Of course mind your language!  Using fowl language is becoming more and more acceptable but there are still a boat load of people who don’t want to hear it or read it.  If you know your followers  and they don’t mind then go ahead.   Of course, your future employer may be reading it too.

2:  Make the time to engage.  Don’t just post and run...

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