Summer Lovin’ and Your Social Media

summer lovin

Summer is here! The days get longer, people slow down, vacation time is approaching and we want to share it all with our friends and family on social media. Why not make the most of your social media this summer and get yourself and your family involved in some fun challenges.

If your kids are glued to their phones and tablets all day every day then why not spark their imagination and creativity? Here are a couple of fun ways to challenge yourself and your family to take a look around and notice the great things our world has to offer. Smart phone technology now makes it easy to take great pictures so there is no additional costs involved. With each challenge you can offer a special treat or prize like “winner gets a trip to the ice cream stand” or “winner is excused from taking out the garbage this week”. Make it fun, interesting and challenging. In the end you will have some great photos and memories.

Let the games begin!

Challenge #1: The Seven Day Photo Challenge. Pick a category and have each person take a daily picture of something in that category. How about a 7 day nature challenge, 7 day bug challenge or a 7 day cool car challenge, or make it a scavenger hunt (you pick the objects they are to photograph every day).  Each day should be a different picture and each picture has to be presented daily. No cheating by taking seven pictures in one day!

Challenge #2: Architecture Challenge. On a long car ride? Have everyone look for interesting buildings with intricate architectural details. Have everyone in the family vote on which one wins.

victorian architecture

Challenge #3: A Color Challenge. Pick a color for the week or weekend and all pictures have to incorporate the named color as the primary color. Yellow, green, red, orange. See who can snap the most creative picture.

Challenge #4: The Water Challenge. See how creative each person can get when asked to take a picture of water. It could be a puddle, a glass of water, a lake… the possibilities are endless.

Challenge #5: The Vacation Challenge. While on vacation have each person take pictures of the sights they feel meant the most to them on the trip. Whether they are fun, emotional, silly or challenging, have them collect pictures as their best souvenirs!


Challenge #6: Make it a Month Challenge. Do you really want to take the challenge to the next level? Why not have everyone take a photo a day? No specific category just a picture a day of something that they found interesting, inspiring or grabbed their attention. You will be amazed at what people see and find when they are actually paying attention to their environment.

Challenge #7: Pick a Number. Pick a number for the day or week and each person has to take a picture of something with that number on it. This is a great challenge while you are traveling. Building numbers, street signs, mailboxes. So many choices!

Summer is all about fun! It is also about friends and family, sharing experiences and making memories. Involving your children in these challenges and then sharing them on your social media, like Facebook and Instagram, can bolster their self esteem and awaken them to the many wonders of the world around them. Enjoy your summer and happy posting!!

Patricia Singer is the owner of Follow Me Social Media Consulting. She works with individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, helping them navigate and market using the numerous social media platforms. For all the latest regarding social media be sure to connect with Patti on all the social media platforms and visit her website at

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