Plan Your Best Holiday Ever Using Social Media


Tis the season! Time to gather with your friends and family to celebrate! What are your plans? Will you host a large dinner or just gather with your closest friend for Friendsmas? What kind of presents will you get everyone? It can be a  very overwhelming time of year. Let your Facebook, Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest accounts help you plan and enjoy the holidays!

 When you are connected with your closest friends and relatives they are showing you their loves, hopes and desires. Small hints are given on a daily basis. Pay attention to these hints and give them what they for the holidays. Facebook is a great platform to see people’s daily lives. What do they post about, what adventures do they go on, what kind of music do they love, what makes them laugh? These are all great hints to help you plan your gift giving and party throwing strategy.

When it comes to gift giving, we always want to make sure the person receiving the gift knows that we took the time and energy to pick the perfect gift. I know that I always want the person to feel that I really thought about what I want  them to have. When you get a couple of ideas for the people on your list, Pinterest is the place to save your gift list. Did you know that you can create secret boards on Pinterest?  On secret boards, you are the only person who can see what you pin there. Pinning on a secret board allows you to remember your ideas without informing everyone what you have planned. It also allows you easy access to purchasing the items you have pinned. If a pin is created properly, when you click on it, you will be directed straight to the site that sells that item.


 Are you in charge of Christmas or Hanukkah dinner or maybe a holiday cocktail party? Create an ideas board on Pinterest. Search for hors d’oeuvres, drinks, cookies, cakes, dinner recipes that will wow your guests. There are tons of them. Find the recipes that you can handle based on your cooking skills. Remember not to get too many recipes that are very involved and time consuming or you won’t get all the food ready in time, which will leave you so stressed that you won’t be able to enjoy your party.  Do you want to keep your menu a secret? Here is another opportunity to use the secret board option on Pinterest. Maybe you and a friend or family member are hosting a party. You can invite them to collaborate with you on the secret board. Surprise your guests with your meal and watch their faces when they sit down at your table.


How about décor and decorations? For décor, you can get great ideas on Houzz. A interior designers dream site to create the spaces and rooms of your dreams. Pinterest is also a perfect place for décor and decorations! Are you a DIYer? Get out your glue gun, search for those homemade, handmade projects to bring out your inner Martha Stewart. Not that crafty? You can find great items to buy too. Pick a color scheme, gold, silver, red, green, burgundy, teal, the choice is yours. From snowmen to menorah, from rustic to glam, the holidays are yours!

 What are your plans? Whatever you do be sure to hug and love your family and friends. Most of all enjoy yourself! Don’t stress out over trying to be perfect. The holidays can get crazy and social media can make it even more crazy. Don’t try to compete with other’s ideas of the holidays. Do what makes you happy, share the pictures of you having fun and enjoying yourself. And most of all Happy Holidays!!!

 Patricia Singer is the owner of Follow Me Social Media Consulting. She works with individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, helping them navigate and market using the numerous social media platforms. For all the latest regarding social media be sure to connect with Patti on all the social media platforms and visit her website at


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