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Help! My connection on LinkedIn was a Big Mistake!

Sometimes we make bad choices. We’ve all been there.  A bad date? A poor food choice? How about the ‘what was I thinking’ outfit or haircut? Well, we make them on LinkedIn too.  Yes, no matter how careful we are we sometimes connect with people on social media that we really shouldn’t.  This recently happened to a friend of mine on LinkedIn.


Do you examine who your connections in common are when you get a request on LinkedIn? Do you read over their profile before you hit the accept button? You think you do your due diligence, you click that accept button and then BAM!!!!  Spam emails, product or service pushes, buy, buy, buy…… Ugh!!!  You then start scrambling and thinking ‘How can I now disconnect with this person’?

There are two ways you can disconnect with someone on LinkedIn...

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