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Does a day go by when you don’t hear “I heard about this on Facebook” or “I saw this cool thing on Pinterest”?  Everyone is on social media these days.  It is the #1 online activity here in the United States.  Would you like to explore the wonderful world of social media?

  • Keep up with your friends
  • Stay in touch with family
  • Stay informed of sales and contests from your favorite brands and businesses
  • Not worry about the safety and security of your profile

We can sit down with you and work to create your social media presence.  We can walk you through the different aspects and mechanics of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn or one of the many other sites that exist today.  Showing you how to connect with those people you don’t get to talk to much and also show you how to have fun with social media.  We will personalize your profiles to your privacy comfort level.

Call for your appointment today!

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